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Earn Cash Rewards

Your time is valuable, which is why we pay you for it. You can decide to request payment through Cash, Check, PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, or Other loyalty gift cards.

By participating in our surveys, you will get compensated minimum $5 per survey and $75-$250 per focus group. Rewarding our panel members fairly is very important to us. Our mission is to make everyone aware that there are many kinds of paid market research, and it’s more rewarding than you might think.

We credit your account for each survey you complete. For attending focus groups, you will be paid in cash at the facility that holds the study. As a valued member, each time a new person (Hispanic or Latino American) you have referred to Opinion Colectiva registers and completes a survey with us, $1 will be deposited into your account.

How To Get The Rewards

You can earn cash rewards through the following ways:

  • Register and Earn $5
  • Participate in Online Surveys and get paid between $5 AND $20
  • Participate in Focus Groups and receive between $75 AND $250
  • Refer-a-Friend and Earn $1 for each person you refer
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